Brass Flower


Brass Floral earrings

2 1/2 inches long from hook to base.

Available in multiple stone options.

Aventurine ( Green Stone) famously soothes professional performance anxiety while stimulating mental clarity, creativity, and compassion. On a more physical level, an Aventurine stone is known to promote the healthy functioning of the thymus gland while also supporting the nervous system.

Lapis Lazuli (blue stone) is a stone that has existed since the beginning of time. The very earliest cultures valued lapis lazuli more highly than gold. It is a gemstone of complete awareness that connects the wearer to a higher truth. Lapis Lazuli helps to foster verbal expression and ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli as a symbol of Truth. It provides wisdom and connects you to your spiritual guardians, shielding any negative energy.

Amethyst ( purple stone) is a Quartz crystal that contains manganese, which encourages inner strength and relieves stress. Amethyst gemstones have one of the strongest powers to rid your home of any negative influence. Amethyst is also a powerful and protective gemstone that can transform low vibrating negative energy into the high frequency of love. Amethyst is also known as the "Stone of Sobriety," as it was used in ancient times to recover from both physical addictions as well as addictive relationships