Moon Over Canyon

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Inspired by my road trip moving home to Missouri after living in California. I took the southern route which led me to the Grand Canyon. I arrived in the evening and was so excited to see the splendor of it all. Unfortunately I arrived in the evening and was unable to see it in its full grandeur. Thankfully it was a full moon that evening. I set up my tent and sat out overlooking the shadows cast over the canyon and saw a once in a life time sight.
This pair is inspired by that majesty.
Quartz hangs above like the stars in the night sky.
Hanging below in belly of the pair are two shell moons.
The Brass hoops have gentle ridges hammered in using a ball peen hammer.
Quartz and shell are natural elements so each pair will look distinguished from the one next to it.
The combination of quartz and shell is best used for balance and stabilization.